Healthy Foods That Hinder Fat Loss

Healthy Foods That Hinder Fat Loss

Foods to Avoid

As you go about your fat-loss diet, you might think that you’re constantly making smart food choices. But, are you really? Far more often than people realize, they are not going to see the results that they’re after simply because they aren’t eating the right foods.

There are many healthy foods out there are that are heavily marketed toward dieters, but some of these end up being nothing more than harmful foods in disguise.

Unless you’re able to pinpoint what these foods are and then make sure that you stay away from them, they will get in the way of your progress. Let’s go over the main foods to avoid.

The Details:

Fruit juice.

While you may think that fruit juice is an optimal choice since it comes from real fruit, don’t be misled. Fruit juice is very high in sugar and calories and will quickly make up for the calories you worked hard to cut out through dieting or exercise.

Fruit flavored yoghurt.

Just like fruit juice, this has loads of sugar added – as much as 20 grams! That’s definitely not something you want in your diet plan.


These are often much higher in calories and fat than most people realize, and while healthy bran will pack in fiber, the entire muffin will contain too many calories to be a part of your diet plan. Instead of buying them, you can bake your own to ensure they fit within your nutritional goals.

Fat-free crackers.

While they may be fat-free, these are still very high in simple carbs and don’t add any nutrition.

Fat-free ice cream.

Again, while it is high in calories, it’s also high in sugar. Choosing this over healthy dessert alternatives is going to significantly hinder fat-loss progress.

Protein bars.

While you may think this is a good choice since it’s higher in total protein content, these quick fixes are typically also high in sugar and calories – making them barely better than the average chocolate bar. These bars will increase your total calorie intake up too high and lead to weight gain.

Frozen meals.

While these are often calorie-controlled, they lack dietary fiber and protein to be a satisfying meal to serve up. They also won’t contain as many nutrients as a freshly prepared meal.

Fruit smoothies.

While real fruit may go into these, they are also loaded with other ingredients that add enough calories to be as much as a standard meal. Again, this is something you can make at home to ensure it suits your diet.

Cereal bars.

Despite the fact these claim to be a source of whole grains, they are heavily processed and will just spike your blood glucose levels and send hunger soaring.

Regular peanut butter.

While peanuts are a source of healthy fat, regular peanut butter contains added sugar. Go with natural peanut butter instead.

The Bottom Line:

So there you have the main foods that appear to be healthy in any diet but are really a calorie-ridden, sugar-packed trap in disguise. Make sure that you are not being fooled by these foods. If you are, you’re in for much frustration ahead.

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