Best Fat-Loss Protein Sources

Best Fat-Loss Protein Sources

Recommended Protein Sources

As you go about your weight-loss diet, one thing that you absolutely must do if you want to see optimal success is to make sure that you are getting a good intake of protein on a day-to-day basis.

Protein is going to preserve your lean muscle mass tissue, boost your metabolic rate, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and keep your hunger under control.

Basically, it’s a must. It’s easily considered the most important macronutrient to take in on any diet plan, and you will see negative consequences if you fall short.

That said, not all protein sources are the same. Some are far more nutritious and weight-friendly options than others; learning which ones to focus on and which to stay away from will help you structure your diet for success.
Let’s go over the best fat-loss protein sources to eat regularly.

The Details:

Chicken breast.

Chicken breast is a highly versatile protein source that’s loaded with minerals and vitamins without all the saturated fat.

Lean steak.

While some people think they should avoid steak entirely, if you choose a proper cut, like sirloin, it will provide you with a good dose of protein along with iron, which is critical for active individuals.


Salmon is a great source of protein and also a good source of omega fats, which are critical for optimal health and a lean body composition.

Greek yoghurt.

Greek yoghurt is a great choice to get your calcium intake up and contains far more protein and less sugar than other yoghurt varieties.


Shrimp is also relatively high in iron but very low in calories so it works great for those on a very strict diet plan.


Just like lean steak, venison is rich in iron and will contain one of the highest quality proteins out there. While it is harder to find, eating it will pay off.

Cottage cheese.

Choosing low-fat cottage cheese is a great option as this protein digests slowly in the body so will provide you with a steady stream of amino acids for hours to come.

Whey protein powder.

Protein powder is fast and easy, making it ideal for right before and after your workout sessions.


Just like chicken breast, turkey is one of the leanest protein options available and tastes great prepared and seasoned a number of ways. Freeze leftovers from your larger turkey meals for later use.


Low in mercury content, this fish is virtually fat-free and very high in protein.

Canned tuna.

This is a fast and easy protein source when you need something on the go.

The Bottom Line:

Have a good look over your diet, and make absolutely sure that you are getting in enough protein. If you aren’t, you are not going to see the results that you had hoped for and will find yourself becoming more and more frustrated as you continue working toward your target weight.

Choose incorrect protein sources, and you’ll take in far more saturated fat, nitrates and other additives than you should both to maintain good health and see faster weight-loss success.