Best At-Home Fat-Blasting Exercises

Best At-Home Fat-Blasting Exercises

Home Work-Outs

Doing an at-home workout program offers a number of clear advantages compared to going to the gym, and for many people, it’s simply the only approach that they can keep up with. An at-home workout saves you the cost of a gym membership, and for those who are tight on time, it can be more ideal since you can just step right into your basement and get started.

Learning which movements are going to serve you best for your at-home workout will help ensure that you can create one that’s time-effective and will bring you the results that you’re looking for.

With just a simple set of dumbbells and your own body weight, you can perform any of the exercises listed. If these are too difficult or not challenging enough, look up the progression series online to find the right adjustment for you.

The Details:


Push-ups can be performed with the hands or feet up on the couch, or if you want a real challenge, with your feet up on an exercise ball instead.


Bodyweight squats are a great movement for getting your heart rate higher and working all the muscles in the lower body.

Split squats.

Placing one leg up on a bench behind you, move into the lunge position, your front leg bent at a 90-degree angle. This variation is a perfect way to challenge your glutes and build a stronger butt.


Dumbbell deadlifts are a great strength-building exercise that targets your lower back and burns plenty of calories.

Shoulder presses.

This movement is good for hitting all three heads of the shoulder muscles while working the triceps at the same time.

Chair dips.

This exercise can be done on any chair you have around the house and is a great move for burning underarm flab.

Reverse lunges.

If you want to really challenge your core, this exercise will work the lower body as well. Just be sure to do it in an open space for safety.

Jump lunges.

This exercise is excellent for hitting the entire lower body while burning up a high amount of calories at the same time. If you don’t have more than a few minutes to spare, do these lunges to make the most of your workout time.

Bent-over rows.

You can’t beat this exercise for building a stronger back while strengthening your biceps.

Mountain climbers.

This cardio movement will burn up calories and strengthen the core all at once.

Chest press.

Doing this dumbbell move is a good way to challenge the chest, shoulders and triceps. Be sure to keep your back pressed into the floor at all times to avoid straining your lower back.

The Bottom Line:

So there you have the best at-home exercises that you should add to your workout session or do here and there to get fit. Try and mix it up often, doing as much variety as possible as this will keep you more interested in the program and motivated to continue working these moves into your daily routine.

Those who add enough variety in their workouts not only see faster results but tend to stay the course far better as well.

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